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It is a well-known fact that Millions of American would benefit greatly by banking with local Credit Unions, and Smart Loan Finder has the perfect strategy for bringing more Americans and Credit Unions together.

We start by locating individuals who are seeking various types of loans, and we put them in contact with Credit Unions that offer better deals to small customers than the multinational big banks.  Here is how the process works:

Smart Loan Finder uses various forms of social media and traditional marketing methods to locate prospective borrowers, then:

  • The Loan Seekers visit our website, SmartLoanFinder.com, and complete our EZ-Loan Form
  • The completed form is sent to four Credit Unions in the Loan Seeker’s community
  • Based on the data gathered, participating Credit Unions decide if they want to make the loan
  • The ones that want to make the loan contact the Loan Seeker to gather additional information
  • Final decisions are made, and each participating Credit Union notifies the Loan Seeker
  • Based on each Credit Union’s feedback, the Loan Seeker decides which participating lending institution get his/her business

The Credit Unions win because they do not have to pay for prospective customers until they become actual customers.  At that point, they pay Smart Loan Finder a small fee for services rendered.  Smart Loan Finder reinvest a large portion of the service fees into locating more Loan Seekers.

Before the lending process can be completed, the customer is usually required to open an account with the Credit Union.  Since the new account deposits are used to create more loans, the Credit Unions generate a minimum of two income sources for each new customer.  If you couple that with the long-term banking relationships that commonly occur, you’ll agree that Smart Loan Finder’s Lead Generation Service is the perfect companion for any Credit Union’s marketing strategy.

If you are an official marketing representative of a Credit Union or Community Bank and would like more information about our Lead Generating Services, please complete the below form:

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